Why Me?

    Many people, when they are in a troubling or stressful situation tend to ask themselves the age old question: “why me?” The more overwhelmed they are, the more difficult it seems to gain a clear picture of what led up to their current problem or situation. In order to move forward, one needs to have a combination of insight, motivation and discipline and therapy is exactly the place where these can be accomplished.

    It is a safe place where one can discover the types of coping mechanisms that have not served one well and begin developing newer and healthier ones. Ultimately taking part in therapy services enables one to reclaim one’s sense of self which is liberating and empowering.

    What do Mental Health Professionals Do?

    A professional such as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) typically will begin by setting up an initial intake appointment with you to gather information about your presenting complaint, when it started, how long this event/situation has been bothering you along with other sensitive information in order to begin painting a picture of how your life has changed.

    Of course it can feel intimidating to lay out all of your personal information to this professional, but it is important to understand that the more information you disclose, the more helpful your professional LMFT or LCSW can be to you in the process towards healing. The licensed professional understands how fearful or overwhelming this process can be for you, so a good therapeutic relationship can take time to build. Patience is key and this is what they will have for you.

    How do I know if I picked the right therapist?

    It is about feeling connected and safe enough to divulge things that one might not normally do with another person. Often we hear that we get along with people with whom they have things in common and so naturally this can take the form of searching for a therapist who shares similar interests or has commonalities such as cultural factors, language, spirituality, religion and so on.

    Always feel free to ask the therapist questions at any time about their professional background, including the amount of experience working in the field, education, special interests, and professional orientation as this will help in determining if working together will be a good fit.

    Start your journey now by seeking out the right therapist for you.

    This article was written by Angelica Ramirez-Diaz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT )#122193