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    Get Through Problems Through Talking and Learning

    What is Talk Therapy Center: Talk Therapy Center is a group private practice of mental health providers that offers individual, family, and couples counseling services. Whether you are struggling in relationships, finding it difficult to stay in the internal thunderstorm, or are being haunted by the shadows of painful memories, we can start you on the journey of finding calm and alignment with your life. Our staff provide traditional hour long sessions over both in person and virtual settings which make it convenient to schedule even amongst your most busy days.

    Is therapy for me: Many of our clients choose to wait to get therapy until their experience of life and relationships become unbearable. If you’re in that boat, thanks for taking the step to start looking for a therapist. If you are starting to look for a therapist before you get to the point of unbearable, we are excited to support you as an emotional parachute before you find a hard landing that further complicates your struggles.

    Types of therapy: We want you to know that therapy comes in many different styles and finding a therapist that suits you is hugely important. All of our staff have vast life experience and utilize their unique approach to work alongside you. Some clients prefer to find warm and welcoming therapists, while others prefer a direct and encouraging approach. There is even the element of “tools” that a therapist uses that should be considered. Some therapists use homework, journaling, or activities to help spur change. Other therapists might be more “in session” focused and can even use light bars, breathing tools, or yoga. No matter the therapist you choose, we want you to be sure that it’s a great fit and you are finding the sessions to be enriching.

    How does therapy work: Many times we get phone calls with questions about the process of therapy. Generally, the most common approach to therapy is for a client to have an intake session where the therapist gets a full picture of what brings the client into session along with going over all the necessary paperwork and disclosures that are legally and ethically required. Sessions after the intake typically occur at the same weekly time and involve sitting down with a therapist and working on the goals established in the intake session. Sessions should be shared in how much talking is going on between the therapist and the client, with no one person needing to be the sole talker as sessions should feel relational. Therapy often continues until the goals have been met or until the client feels like there has been enough success to manage their lives without therapy. Prior to completion of therapy it is normal to see sessions go bi-weekly, monthly, and as needed.

    Do I need therapy: Just like our physical health, there are things that we do that gets our mental health out of balance. Events in our life that we once were able to “handle” can become sneakily harder and harder to manage. Just like feeling winded after going up a flight of stairs might indicate that our physical health has deteriorated, feeling overwhelmed, worrying too much, and feeling low energy might be signs that our mental health has weakened. Therapy is the perfect place for building up the endurance that we need for our lives as our mind is the center of our experience and we cannot leave it untended.

    I’ve already done therapy, do I need to go back: Our mental health is like gardening. We may get it exactly to where we want it to be at certain points in our life but when we don’t maintain the work, it’s shocking to see how quickly the weeds will have overgrown and the fruits and vegetables will have withered. We look forward to teaching you how to maintain your mental garden so you can again be a strength in your world that allows all of our world to be a better place.


    “If you banish the dragons, you banish the heroes…”

    If you’re ready to work towards the life you’ve always wanted, we’re ready when you are. Contact us today and let’s get to work.

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