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    What is Talk Therapy Center: 

    Talk Therapy Center is a private group practice of mental health professionals that provides individual, family, and couples counseling. We can help you find calm and alignment in your life, whether you are struggling in relationships, finding it difficult to stay in the internal thunderstorm, or being haunted by the shadows of painful memories. Our staff offers traditional hour-long sessions in both in-person and virtual settings, making it easy to schedule even on the busiest days.

    Is therapy for me: 

    Many of our clients choose to postpone seeking therapy until their life and relationships become unbearable. If you’re in that situation, congratulations on taking the first step toward finding a therapist. We are excited to support you as an emotional parachute before you find a hard landing that complicates your struggles if you are starting to look for a therapist before it becomes unbearable.

    Types of therapy: 

    We want you to know that therapy comes in a variety of styles, and finding a therapist who is a good fit for you is critical. All of our employees have extensive life experience and bring a unique perspective to their work with you. Some clients prefer therapists who are warm and welcoming, while others prefer a direct and encouraging approach. There is also the element of “tools” used by a therapist to consider. Some therapists use homework, journaling, or activities to help motivate patients to change. Other therapists may be more focused on the “in session” and may use light bars, breathing tools, or yoga. We want you to be sure that whoever you choose is a good fit for you and that the sessions are enriching.

    How does therapy work: 

    We frequently receive phone calls from people who have questions about the therapy process. In general, the most common approach to therapy is for a client to have an intake session during which the therapist obtains a complete picture of what brought the client into session as well as goes over all of the necessary paperwork and disclosures that are legally and ethically required. Sessions following the intake are typically held at the same time each week and involve sitting down with a therapist to work on the goals established in the intake session. Sessions should be shared in how much talking is going on between the therapist and the client, with no one person needing to be the sole talker as sessions should feel relational. Therapy is frequently continued until the goals are met or the client feels successful enough to manage their lives without therapy. Sessions are typically scheduled bi-weekly, monthly, and as needed prior to the completion of therapy.

    Do I need therapy: 

    There are things we do that disrupt our mental health, just as there are things we do that disrupt our physical health. Events in our lives that we used to be able to “handle” can become increasingly difficult to manage. Feeling winded after climbing a flight of stairs may indicate that our physical health has deteriorated, but feeling overwhelmed, worrying excessively, and having low energy may indicate that our mental health has weakened. Because our mind is the center of our experience and cannot be ignored, therapy is the ideal place to build the endurance we require in our daily lives.

    I’ve already done therapy, do I need to go back: 

    Our mental health is similar to gardening. We may get it exactly where we want it at certain points in our lives, but when we don’t maintain the work, it’s amazing how quickly the weeds overgrow and the fruits and vegetables wither. We look forward to teaching you how to care for your mental garden so that you can once again be a pillar in your community, making our world a better place.

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