• Kaiser

    Do you take my insurance?

    We are glad to take your Kaiser insurance. Kaiser covers mental health services and they’re often unlimited sessions. Their primary focus is that you are able to return to healthy levels of functioning in your life. Kaiser will monitor your “mental health vitals” and the frequency and length of treatment. Kaiser also will have reviews with your therapist to offer their support and guidance for your treatment if your treatment last beyond 6 months or if your “mental health vitals” are demonstrating a lack of improvement or response to treatment. 

    How many sessions do I have?

    You likely have unlimited sessions with your insurance plan. You will meet with a therapist for your first session to discuss your history and form a treatment plan. The treatment plan outlines what areas need to be addressed. As long as your sessions are focused on returning to healthy levels of functioning in your life, you will be able to continue seeing your therapist. Sessions are recommended to occur weekly, but some clients require twice weekly for severe challenges or every other week once significant changes have happened and therapeutic gains are being solidified. Graduation from therapy occurs when your therapist works themselves out of a job as shown by your independent and socially supported ability to maintain mental health in your life.

    How much does it cost?

    Our front desk can research this for you by calling us at (951)387-4040 or you can call member services with Kaiser at the number on your member ID card or the app. You will likely have a co-payment (flat dollar amount), co-insurance amount (percentage amount), or deductible (amount to pay before insurance starts to contribute) depending on the plan you have with Kaiser. At this time, Kaiser is covering co-payments for telehealth sessions which leaves many clients with zero financial responsibility for their mental health treatment.

    Who takes my insurance at Talk Therapy Center?

    Since mental health treatment is booming, many of our therapists have minimal openings. Before settling on exactly who you’d like to see, please call in to our front desk at (951)387-4040 to check to see if anyone’s availability matches yours. Our therapists are professional healthcare providers and typically work between 730am and 630pm. While we do have part time staff that work nights and weekends, you may have to be placed on a wait list to access those appointments as they are in the highest demand.

    Allison England, LMFT

    Arthur Unzueta, PhD

    Ashley Hutchinson, LCSW

    Brittany Alva, LMFT

    Cassandra Apple, LMFT

    Christina Lopez, LMFT

    Cindy Avelar, LCSW

    Emilia Shinne, PhD

    Guadalupe Del Campo, LMFT

    Jason Darr, LMFT

    Jason Temple, LMFT

    Kellie Hynds, LMFT

    Marissa Guerrero, LMFT

    Megan Pedroza, LMFT

    Melissa Kotzin, LMFT

    Ofelia Zavala, LMFT

    Wendy Esparza, LMFT