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    Our Story

    Talk Therapy Center was established by Jason Temple and his colleagues as a call to action from past clients. This call to action surfaced while working at Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center where it was discovered that multiple clients who struggled to find relief from symptoms of trauma and abuse were unable to find community therapists who specialized in this work. In 2016, a Veteran and a military contractor came to Jason to report that they were unable to find capable therapists in their insurance networks and the therapists who were out of network specialists were either charging unaffordable fees, had closed caseloads, or were unavailable for several weeks.

    At that time Jason began building Talk Therapy Center as a response to this community crisis.

    Our Vision & Philosophy

    Over the past few years Jason has developed training programs for evolving therapists which have highlighted the importance of having both state of the art methods of treatment and therapist self-care policies. The methods of treatment included the spectrum of “trauma-informed therapy” which use brain imagery science and neurological studies to treat a wide variety of psychological conditions. As for therapist self-care policies, we understand the importance of the idea that clients want to work with a well-rested and inspired therapist. Limiting the consecutive hours of sessions and continuing education allow for our therapists to be most effective in their work.

    Over the past year our vision has shifted from “Trauma
    Center” to “Specialist Center” and with that shift we have brought on therapists with varied specialties who cross train with one another. However, Jason continues to train his staff to be able to effectively treat clients who have trauma and abuse histories ranging from single episode trauma to developmental or complex trauma. This therapy has also been seen to be
    effective in client’s who have not had success with other therapists and have felt “stuck” using traditional therapy. As Talk Therapy Center continues to grow, we welcome you to inquire whether we have a specialist who can help you through your struggles.

    Meet Our Team