• TriWest/VA Referral

    Will you take my referral?

    We are glad to take your TriWest/VA Referral. Your referral covers mental health services and does have limits with both time and the amount of sessions during a timeframe (i.e., 26 sessions over 6 months or unlimited sessions over 12 months). Their primary focus is that you are able to return to healthy levels of functioning in your life. 

    How many sessions do I have?

    You likely have limited sessions or a timeframe with each referral. We recommend you think of a referral as a round of treatment since we are unable to guarantee a transition from one referral to the next despite exhaustive efforts. TriWest may or may not authorize an additional referral for the same provider even in the most well justified and documented cases in our experience. This means that a round of treatment will have a pre-determined start and end date with treatment winding down over the last few sessions for a pause or discharge. 

    Sessions are recommended to occur weekly, but some clients require twice weekly for severe challenges or every other week once significant changes have happened and therapeutic gains are being solidified. It is worth noting that a referral with a select number of sessions over a timeframe can be exhausted if twice weekly sessions are conducted. Example: While the 26 session referral over a 6 month period is still within the 6 months, the session cap could come more quickly. 

    Graduation comes from finishing the treatment in a referral or when your therapist works themselves out of a job as shown by your independent and socially supported ability to maintain mental health in your life.

    How much does it cost?

    Unless you choose to see a therapist with your own insurance or cash pay following a referral expiration, there is no cost for TriWest clients (note TriWest is not TriCare West).

    Who takes my insurance at Talk Therapy Center?

    Since mental health treatment is booming, many of our therapists have minimal openings. Before settling on exactly who you’d like to see, please call in to our front desk at (951)387-4040 to check to see if anyone’s availability matches yours. Our therapists are professional healthcare providers and typically work between 730am and 630pm. While we do have part time staff that work nights and weekends, you may have to be placed on a wait list to access those appointments as they are in the highest demand.

    Allison England, LMFT

    Annie Arevalo, AMFT

    Ashley Hutchinson, LCSW

    Brittany Alva, LMFT

    Ashley Pitts, AMFT

    Cassandra Dexter, AMFT

    Christina Lopez, LMFT

    Cindy Avelar, LCSW

    Ellen Davis, ACSW

    Guadalupe Del Campo, LMFT

    Jason Darr, LMFT

    Jason Temple, LMFT

    Karla Elizondo, AMFT

    Kathryn Christensen, AMFT

    Kellie Hynds, LMFT

    Marina Zaky, AMFT, DMFT

    Marissa Guerrero, LMFT

    Melissa Kotzin, LMFT

    Ofelia Zavala, LMFT

    Patrick Mishler, LMFT