• Navigating Through Stress

    Navigating through stress 

    It is not uncommon for many people to experience an uncomfortable range of emotions during the holiday season. This may be because there are reminders that those whom we love are no longer with us, we may be experiencing financial stress, or simply because we may be having conflicts or strained relationships with our loved ones. Having stress is a normal part of life; however, if you are noticing that this stress goes beyond your usual range of emotions and are struggling to manage your day-to-day activities, it might be a good idea to seek out support through therapy with someone like myself or one of my colleagues at Talk Therapy Center.

    How can I handle stressful situations during the holiday season?

    Remember to take some deep breaths to center yourself before you begin to have a difficult conversation or discussion, focus on talking about one topic at a time and if things are becoming heated, take a break. Do not hesitate to tell your loved one that you need a moment to collect your thoughts, as it is important to think before reacting. 

    How can a therapist help me to handle my emotions during the holiday season?

    A therapist can help you to identify which topics/issues or persons may be activating and leading you to respond in an unhealthy way. This then leads to increased awareness as well as allowing for you to better think before you react and unleash those emotions. Awareness is the key to changing any behavior and through continued exploration in therapy, this could lead to you learning how to better set healthy boundaries with others during the holidays for example.

    An example of this would be learning how to say “no” to others in a clear way so there is no confusion about your feelings, needs, and wants with loved ones. Try politely using sentences that are clear and direct such as “this is not acceptable” or “please don’t do that” or “I can’t do that for you.”

    How long will it take for me to get better with managing my emotions?

    Generally speaking, it depends. Therapy can feel worse before it gets better as sensitive issues are being discussed and processed; however, with a mixture of motivation, discipline and consistent/regular attendance, the likelihood of progressing or improving increases. A therapist will support you with identifying which coping strategies are best for you in dealing with your emotions and unique circumstances.

    How can I get started with treatment?

    If after reading this article you find yourself interested in services for managing your emotions better, please feel free to contact the office at Talk Therapy Center (TTC) to be connected with me, Angelica Ramirez-Diaz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) #122193 or one of my colleagues at Talk Therapy Center.