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    Carter Ebbesen, LMFT

    Therapist: Carter Ebbesen

    License Number: CA LMFT #113396

    Direct Phone Number: 951-387-4131

    Office Location(s): Telehealth

    Days of the Week: Weekdays

    Populations Served: Adults

    Insurance Accepted: Kaiser, Aetna, United Healthcare/Optum, Magellan, Cash Pay

    About Carter Ebbesen: Carter specializes in helping you unravel the mysteries of your own mind. Using specialized trauma treatments such as Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Rapid Resolution Therapy, Carter acts like a detective for your thoughts and feelings, helping you find harmony within your inner family. Imagine having a healing conversation with your inner child, high-fiving your inner superhero, and giving a gentle nod to your inner worrywart – all while engaging in the therapeutic process. When Carter’s not helping people transform their lives, you might find Carter exploring all that life has to offer, especially as a connoisseur of puns – because laughter really is the best medicine! So, whether you’re struggling with trauma, feeling like you’re living in a real-life “Inside Out” movie, or just need a safe space to chat, Carter is here with open arms and an open heart. Carter’s mantra for therapy is simple. He works together with those he treats to help you turn life’s challenges into your greatest victories – one insight-filled session at a time.