• Remote/Telehealth

    If you are wanting to view the list of remote/telehealth therapists, please click on the arrow rather than the “remote/telehealth” phrase.

    As the world adjusts to remote/telehealth opportunities, therapists have worked to find ways that this style of therapy can be successful. Please view the following tips for success and recommendations:

    – Therapy requires a safe place. Arrange a safe place for you to conduct your sessions that is private and quiet. 

    – Severe mental health is often most appropriately conducted in office. 

    – Have a good understanding of technology and a good internet connection so that there aren’t delays or interruptions. 

    – Be prepared to describe how you’re feeling as non-verbal cues can often be missed (i.e., a shaking leg off the screen while speaking about a topic might need to be verbalized). 

    – Be willing to be on camera the entirety of session and willing to focus on your therapist. 

    While our therapists are more than willing to match your preferred method of therapy, if a therapist identifies problems that impact your ability to utilize telehealth, they will speak to you about their concerns. However, if everything matches well, we are happy to support this wonderful and convenient approach to therapy.