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    If you are interested in employment at Talk Therapy Center, we have positions available for clinical staff open at this time. Please read the following job description and if you are interested in applying or would like additional information, please email [email protected] Thank you for your interest in being part of our team.

    We are a therapist centered practice that is made by therapists, for therapists. We were all tired of being used by faceless corporate machines that overworked and underpaid us. We are not interested in doing band-aid therapy that can be the focus of the Better Help’s of the world or the EAP therapy practices. We are also not bound by financial burdens of cash pay or super-bill practices that aren’t built to thrive in a recession. We are a private pay insurance-based company that values true therapy that promotes healing and change. 

    The therapists of Talk Therapy Center decided to band together to create the type of environment that only a therapist can design. We value each other as professionals and support each other to grow into the best therapists we can be. Our work family is strong and vibrant. If you are looking for a healthy work environment, this is the job for you. We are here to support each other to be the best therapists we can be, while being matched with the best clients for us, so that we can do the best work. 

    Talk Therapy Center is a Group Practice in Riverside, CA that provides individual, family, couples, and group therapy, in-person and telehealth, with low-acuity insurance referred clients. The majority of our practice is with insurance referred individuals for adjustment, depressive, and anxiety related issues seeking individual treatment. 

    Offering 3 Licensed Therapist positions at our Group Practice: Per Diem (work the schedule and number of hours you want to work and get paid per session), Staff Therapist (salaried, in-office, 40 hours with benefits), Remote Telehealth Therapist (salaried plus commission, telecommuting, 25-35 sessions per week with benefits).

    • Per Diem is a great position for therapists who are wanting to gain a few hours of private practice without a significant time commitment. Minimum requirement is 8 sessions per week. Reimbursed 38-56 dollar per session.
    • Staff Therapist is a position that is designed for therapists who enjoy stability, structure, and an easily manageable pace. This 40-hour per week position has a salary of 72-82k with incentive based, bi-yearly bonuses raising the pay up to 79-91k. Therapists see 25 clients per week with the option to see clients above 25 per week at the commission rate of $65 per session. Therapists spend the remaining hours of their workweek focusing on professional development, collaboration, and self-care. Benefits: 22 Days of PTO, Healthcare, CEU Reimbursement Plan, and 401k.
    • Remote Telehealth Therapist is a position developed for therapists who prefer to work remotely via telecommuting. This 25-35 session per week position has a base pay plus commission structure. Therapists have a base pay at 25 sessions and earn $65 per session above 25 held sessions. Therapists have a base pay of 72-82k plus commission raising pay up to 91-116k. Benefits: 22 Days of PTO, Healthcare, CEU Reimbursement Plan, and 401k.

    We are looking for professional therapists who are able to commit to long term care for their clients. Insurance referred clients can require long term, weekly care and therapists who are looking to job hop are not suitable for our clientele.

    Due to our clients using their insurance, you will be paneled with insurance companies prior to employment which often takes 60-90 days prior to being able to start seeing clients.