• Anxiety about COVID-19

    By Angelica Ramirez-Diaz, LMFT

    Many people can relate to the gut wrenching feeling when hearing or seeing the term “COVID” being placed in various news outlets or from others they know. The stress can continue to build for some and the thought of it seeming never ending can feel daunting.

    Here are just a few strategies that you may want to consider trying to give yourself some relief from the stress.

    – Go outside your home and take a brisk walk to disconnect from the various news and other social media outlets. Staying cooped up can leave you feeling restless and fatigued.

    – Engage in a pleasurable activity to lift your spirits such as reading a favorite book to focus on other thoughts rather than strong negative emotions.

    – Call up a friend and have a virtual hang out to get a sense of normalcy while socializing.

    – Use a form of mindfulness/meditation exercise such as focusing on taking 4 deep breaths. Do so by inhaling and holding for 4 seconds, then exhaling slowly for 4 breaths to regulate your body and emotions during times of more severe episodes of anxiety.

    It is normal to feel anxious during this unprecedented time and just know that if you continue to struggle, you are not alone. Consider us at Talk Therapy Center (TTC) in supporting you with managing your anxiety/stress through participating in services for treatment.

    This article was written by Angelica Ramirez-Diaz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) #122193