• A Jenga Life

    Does your life sometimes feel like a tower of blocks about to fall?

    By Kellie Hynds, LMFT

    I’m sure a lot of us have had times in our lives when we have had so many “blocks” to balance that it feels like they are all about to coming crashing down. This can happen if we have just to many blocks or if some blocks are far heavier and less balanced than the others. 

    It is important to be mindful of all of our responsibilities in life and recognize when any of them are taking more of a toll and feeling heavier than some of the other responsibilities.  

    There are several early warning signs to be mindful of when stress and anxiety are starting to build in life to an unmanageable level. These include: physical signs such as headaches or indigestion; emotional signs such as worry, irritability or difficulty concentrating and behavioral issues such as nail biting or restlessness.  If the heightened levels of stress are prolonged it can result in more severe symptoms such as heart disease or a weakened immune system.  Paying attention to these early warning signs and implementing some coping skills is crucial in preventing stress from getting out of control. 

    There are many different relaxation techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga and deep breathing that can be helpful. 

    Setting healthy boundaries and being able to say “no” can also be very important in helping us to not take on things that aren’t our responsibility.  

    If your stress is getting out of control and you feel that you need help then please call Talk Therapy Center today and we will set you up with an amazing therapist who can help.