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    The Importance of Setting Healthy Boundaries

    Have you ever thought about the importance of setting healthy boundaries with others? Boundaries help separate our own personal needs and feelings from those of others and allow us not be emotionally dependent on each other. 

    Many people have difficulty with this and actually feel guilty saying “no.”  This may be due to them feeling they need to “rescue” people and “fix their problems.”  In doing so, they neglect their own needs and wants and their boundaries can become almost non-existent.  This often results in people putting themselves last and can lead to regret, resentment and sometimes self-neglect.

    In order for us to have healthy boundaries we first need to have a good internal compass that tells us when we are starting to feel anger, resentment or that we are being “used” by others.  We then need to acknowledge this and be assertive and speak up for ourselves.  It is perfectly acceptable to respond to someone’s request with “I would love to help you out but I just can’t.  I hope you can find someone else.”

    Remember, it isn’t our responsibility to make others happy and we are not responsible for their feelings. Setting healthy boundaries not only helps us to feel comfortable saying no, if needed, and holds others accountable for trying to figure out more problems on their own. 

    So practice paying attention to your internal compass and start setting some healthy boundaries with yourself and others.