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    Talking to someone you love about seeking mental health treatment

    Talking to a loved one about your concerns regarding their mental health can feel scary and overwhelming if you believe that they would react strongly or negatively against the idea of seeking out treatment. So what do you do if you are feeling stuck between that rock and a hard place on whether or not to express concern?

    To start, it would be important to ask yourself a few pertinent questions before diving right into suggesting your loved one to attend for treatment for their mental health like the ones below:

    1) When I think of my relationship with this individual, are they an acquaintance to me, a close friend, a romantic partner or spouse? How long have I known them that I believe it would be appropriate for me to express concern about their mental health state?

    2) Do I have a good understanding about what may be going on in their lives that could be contributing to how they are behaving, or is it more that I have an assumption about how well they are coping with a certain situation or event?

    3) If I were to decide to express my concerns outwardly to them, would they be open to hearing me out or would they appear to dismiss my concerns?

    4) Is there a current concern on my part about their well being/safety that I strongly believe to be important that they reach out for support from a professional?

    If when answering the aforementioned questions you believe that proceeding would be beneficial, please consider referring them to our agency at Talk Therapy Center (TTC) for getting mental health treatment and support.

    We have a number of different professionals here that can help them to determine who may be the best fit to support them with addressing their concerns by looking at our about us page! We provide a safe, open and comfortable space for clients to explore and process stressful events, situations and challenges through telehealth or in person sessions. Please consider us at Talk Therapy Center (TTC).  

    If your loved one is unable to start services with us or if now is perhaps not a good time to begin treatment, there are a few different options you may want to consider.

    Attempt to support your loved one by helping them get into a routine with exercise and healthy eating. This can help to elevate mood and also help with physical health.

    You could also suggest reading some books that discuss mental health related topics such as “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” by Lori Gottlieb. 

    Furthermore, you could schedule a visit with a doctor to rule out any medical conditions that may be contributing to how your loved one may be feeling. For instance some common mental health issues may be linked like anxiety and depression for individuals with kidney disease.

    Remember, it is important to understand and consider where such your loved one may be coming from and your support to them makes all of the difference!

    This article was written by Angelica Ramirez-Diaz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) #122193