• Recharge Your Social Battery

    How To Recharge Your Social Battery

    by Kellie Hynds, LMFT

    Do you ever feel like your ability to socialize has run out your “social battery” to almost empty? Well you are not alone.  This is a problem that happens to many of us, especially with those of us who are more introverted or have anxiety. An empty battery can also be called “social burnout.”

    It is important to recognize your signs of social burnout.  Some examples of these signs can include the following – detachment from other people, inability to focus, intense headaches or migraine attacks, low energy or fatigue, difficulty sleeping, emotional meltdown, irritability, depression and anxiety.

    There are ways that we can try and avoid getting socially burned out or drained. One important thing is to be able to identify our triggers that cause us to get easily drained. Some examples can include feeling obligated to speak to a lot of people or socialize at work. 

    It is important to set boundaries and schedule alone time. It is sometimes necessary to say “no” to social requests that you feel will be extra draining on your social battery for the sake of your mental health. 

    Recovering from social burnout can sometimes be difficult but some ideas include meditation, practicing self-care and journaling your feelings. 

     In summary, the next time you are faced with a possible social situation that you think will quickly burn you out you can set boundaries by either saying no or paying attention to your early warning signs.