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    How therapy can help you to adjust with a break up

    Developing a meaningful, committed, and romantic relationship with a partner can make someone feel on top of the world when things are going great, but what happens when that relationship suddenly ends?

    The break up process can be difficult depending on a number of factors such as when considering the amount of time spent together, the level of commitment (e.g., being married, engaged, or dating), and the reason behind having ended the relationship. 

    Moving forward with adjusting to this change can be very stressful and so during times like these, it may be beneficial to seek out further support through mental health services. 

    A therapist can help you to begin processing and coping with this relationship ending by exploring in depth your emotions and assisting you with developing the skills that could enable you to get back out there in living your life.

    Learning to let go of what is out of your control may be step one in this process and by engaging in mindfulness/meditation you can focus on your present moment. Remember that life is a gift and the time you spend on it is precious. Let’s work on channeling that energy into something you can feel good about!

    This may mean returning to other previous activities that sparked you with joy or meaning or possibly about starting new hobbies to redirect your attention. This may look like you taking some dance lessons, learning how to cook, or tapping into your artistic abilities in painting or drawing. 

    The possibilities are endless and personal, and a therapist can assist you with creating a path towards healing and it being uniquely tailored to your style.

    Please consider us at Talk Therapy Center (TTC) in supporting you through this tough time in treatment. 

    This article was written by Angelica Ramirez-Diaz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) #122193