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    Are you tired of being an emotional sponge?

    Are you an “emotional sponge?” 

    by Kellie Hynds, LMFT

    Have you ever been in a room and you take on all the energy of everyone in the room and then go home mentally exhausted? This can happen if someone tends to “catch” the emotions of others and then absorb them into their own feelings.

    It can sometimes be difficult to separate your own feelings from someone else’s, especially if you are an “emotional empath” or sponge. This incredibly sensitive attunement to other’s emotions, especially negative, can be very overwhelming if not managed properly. 

    There are some simple techniques to help when you start to get emotionally overwhelmed by others’ negativity. You can start by allowing yourself some quiet time to emotionally decompress by taking some deep breaths or going for a short walk. 

    It can also be helpful to remember that we are not responsible for others feelings and to use grounding or positive distractions to try and deflect any negative energy or emotions. Grounding is when you use one of the 5 senses to help focus back on the present moment. An example could be to stop and notice all the sounds that you hear around you. Music and other positive activities can also help.

    Visualization is another helpful tool for reducing emotional drain from others. Visualizing a barrier between you and the person you are talking to helps the barrier become the sponge instead of you. For example, the barrier could be a rubber sheet that bounces instead of absorbs. 

    So the next time you find yourself becoming emotionally drained from others try some of these tips.